honestly I think I’d be fairly content spending my life just sitting here producing beautiful photos

(tonight’s math homework is an enigma and letters of recommendation are stressing me out a little and I am constantly reminded that I am behind and that I can’t handle myself and that things are going downhill or not going at all and I could really use a full stop)


Sunday morning, six in the morning, a rare foggy cold day when the streetlights are cones of yellow and the red yellow green traffic lights and car lights glow luminously;

an open car window and Chet Faker’s “Thinking in Textures” as we float through the deserted sleeping city;

briefly rediscovered familiar new strangers from years ago, when we were different people — there aren’t nearly enough minutes now to make up for all the missed conversations;

beautiful morning light and soft gentle sunrises that envelope camera lenses and illuminate faces from within.

running on two and a half hours running on empty running running running feeling as though I am all right



Sunrise Session Seattle: Discovery Park

So meany vibes and feels.

Fantasies: 4am, city streetlit early morning, manual transmission fast car, going out for a feel-better drive listening to this song and sound of the exhaust roaring and echoing through underpasses as the night lights fly by. 

I drove all night while you were sleeping… I just wanna ride it out.

So how do you capture an entire multifaceted person in 650 words or less? Because I don’t know where to start.


Living in suburban Southern California, United States.

 I dream of open roads. I have no idea where I'm going, but I'd like to have a good time getting there.

This is my little tumblelog -- a collection, if you will -- of dreams and thoughts, art and images, inspirations and aspirations.